Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want to put your old books to good use?

Thanks to Lindsay of Living With Lindsay for giving us a great tutorial for this amazing wreath.

With her wonderful knowledge and smart shopping she purchased everything at the Dollar Tree. [One of my favorites!] Unfortunately when I started this project the Dollar Tree did not carry foam wreaths because it was winter, BUT now that it is time to bring out all of the 'Spring' retail they have them! I'm seriously thinking about stocking up for future projects.

Below is my (crooked picture)version. It was the perfect size to fill up the empty spot above the frame on our mantle. It also went along with our black, white and red color palette.

Hope you all are inspired to start recycling some old reading material!

PS- Check out this fun DIY lamp from Ruffles and Stuff! I will be attempting one soon! Isn't her daughter just adorable?

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  1. Wonderful! It looks great!

    That lamp project is really cool, too.